Obsessive/intrusive thoughts

Obsessive/intrustive thoughts in my experience are the lesser known part of OCD. Everyone talks of someone they know who likes their towels lined up in the same order, washes their hands excessively and so on but there’s another type of OCD sometimes known as ‘Pure O’ which doesn’t get as much airtime.

I suppose I just want to say to anyone who’s reading this is that obsessive/intrusive thoughts can be very distressing and don’t be afraid to seek some help. I wish I had done so earlier or at least recognised that what I was experiencing were intrusive thoughts rather than just convincing myself that they’re real and I’m just some awful, slightly crazy person. Of course the nature of having intrusive thoughts is that often because they have distressing content you don’t want to share them with anyone for fear that they do actually think you’re an awful, slightly crazy person. And so the cycle goes on. I’d really recommend going on the OCD UK website as it gives a really clear overview of it all and also offers support for people who feel scared/nervous/anxious about sharing with people that this is what they’re going through. They also have a Twitter page.

I’d also recommend this link to the Royal College of Psychiatrists.  which has great information about OCD.

As for treatment, different people will find different things helpful. I’m about to start CBT as a lot of my research has thrown up that it seems to be an effective way of treating it. I’ve had a really hard time organising it though. I went through my GP first of all but then became anxious that all the content of my intrusive thoughts would be on my medical records so I decided to go privately. Wow people are making some good money out of other people’s misery!! It’s really expensive! I think I may have just found someone that I can afford so fingers crossed it works out. I will provide an update on how it’s going somewhere down the line.
I’m also trying acupuncture (and I hate needles so you can imagine how desperate I am!) so we’ll see if that yields any results.

So what about you? What have you found has helped in your quest to beat the obsessive thoughts?

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