Conflicting advice

So we’ve all been there. You’re doing some research and you read something that says take vitamin B tablets, then someone else has written about how great acupuncture is and then CBT and Reiki and on it goes until you’re head is spinning with all the possibilities of how to treat your anxiety.
This is the beauty and the downfall of the internet – knowledge is power but it’s also a giant red herring.

Unfortunately, I’m not here to add anything new to what will or won’t help, I’m in as much of a quandry as the rest of you probably. I think one of the things I’ve found hardest to decipher is that some people say acceptance is key and that actually fighting the anxiety makes it worse. So I try to be all zen and cool with the fact that my insides are tying themselves up in knot and I frequently feel like I may vomit. I can’t figure out though whether looking for things to treat your anxiety is the same as fighting it?? Can you have acceptance whilst also looking for things to improve the quality of your life or are they mutually exclusive?

I stumbled across this website the other day Anxiety No More which has been developed by a guy who had anxiety for 10 years. His big philosophy appears to be that fighting the anxiety and trying to drive it out of your life is just ultimately going to give it more power. So today I have tried that philosophy and every time I felt anxious or afraid I noticed it, said to myself “I’m feeling anxious but that doesn’t mean I can’t continue with what I was doing”. Funnily enough for a very simple philosophy I did actually find it helpful. I don’t think that means that I will stop doing other things, for instance I don’t think daily meditation is going to do me any great harm or have anxiety banging down my door with a giant axe. I’m also going to try CBT as I do think it may help in the long run with my obsessive thoughts. However, I think with the more immediate sensations of anxiety I may just try noticing it but not giving it any more power than that.

Other than that I think it’s just important to do things you feel comfortable with and most importantly that offer you some level of comfort.

So my thought for the day is:
*****Acceptance allows us to keep moving forward*****

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