Anxiety Symptoms

I was scanning the internet the other day and came across a list on an anxiety website (thank you Anxiety Centre) that listed common anxiety symptoms. I have to say this had to be one of the most reassuring things EVER –  many of the symptoms I experience I know are anxiety symptoms but some of the ones I have I hsf convinced myself were not the symptoms of anxiety but actually a sign that something even more serious was wrong (I should have just realised that this was the whispering voice of anxiety but nooooo I just lived with the cold certainty that really only someone with anxiety does that anxiety was the least of my worries because obviously there’s actually something more serious wrong with me, I mean obviously!).

So I’m going to post the list below and believe me it’s long – this list isn’t even exhaustive so if you’re experiencing a symptom that’s not on there don’t clutch your heart and think oh god I really am losing my mind because I assure you it will be anxiety being a sneaky devil and trying to trick you. I’m going to highlight the ones that I experience, not necessarily all the time but they will all be ones I’ve had at some time or another. I’m doing this not because I’m on some kind of weird sympathy trip but because I want to highlight a) just how much anxiety can play with you b) to reassure others out there that it’s not just you and c) because I want to try and tackle some stigma.
People make huge generalizations that people with mental health/emotional health can’t work or are somehow set up to fail in life and let’s face it I’ve presumably internalised some of that stigma somewhere along the road hence why when I feel anxious I spiral into a panic that starts the journey at I’m not going to be able to cope at work, takes in the view of I’m never going to be able to work again and stops the car at I will feel I’ve failed in life. Those ideas didn’t come from no-where and I’d be willing to hazard a guess they have their roots in society’s stigma of those with mental illnesses so I’m going to try and do my bit to challenge it. If people can see that I suffer any number of these symptoms and yet still plod to work – yes some days I may not be the most fun person in the office but hey frankly I’m willing to forego that honour and just make it through the working day and you know what I think I do a fairly good job.

So here is that list – I have to say thank you to Anxiety Centre for this as I’ve taken it from there, although made some changes as there were some things repeated and so on but it is their work. I have highlighted the symptoms I experience in bold so read it and I hope it reassures you:

Click here for the list of symptoms: anxiety symptoms


2 thoughts on “Anxiety Symptoms

  1. I have a lot of those symptoms but all diagnosed as other things alongside my anxiety/depression. I am in the fortunate position of working in the family business at the moment, so we work around the time lost to dizzy spells/digestive problems/sleep issues/back pain/memory loss/allergic reactions etc. I do feel like a hypochondriac at times as most days I feel like I have something wrong but it all feels very real and painful and somewhat scary! Thanks for posting these, I feel a little less like I'm imagining things now 🙂

  2. Hi Lisa, It seems crazy that GP's wouldn't recognise the symptoms of anxiety and are diagnosing them as something separate! I found that list to be so reassuring, I'm actually thinking of printing it out and having it there to remind me when I start to worry about what my symptoms may mean!

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