Blog Award

Hi Everyone,

I’ve never received an award for my blog so it was with great surprise and excitement that I received a notification from Angie who writes the brilliant blog OCD in the Family (more on that in a minute).

So I hope I’ve followed the instructions correctly. Here are the blogs that I give the award Blog of the Year 2013 to.

1) OCD in the Family: Angie is the lovely person that awarded my blog and so I am returning the favour (I assume there’s not too many times you can get this award!) This is a great blog written by a Mum whose son has OCD. Angie also happens to be a psychologist treating patients with OCD. Recently Angie has been writing a blog post a day (admirable seeing as I struggle to write one a month!) and I always look forward to waking up in the morning and reading them. They’re written so well that I often feel like I am in her house with her experiencing the frustrations and joys of having a child with OCD. Thank you Angie!

2) OCD Survival: Great blog that focuses on OCD but also Mental Health, Mental illness and the importance of eliminating stigma. I’m lucky to have become friends with Steve via twitter and in the same way that I’m rooting for him in his recovery journey from OCD so I know that he’s rooting for me. His blog posts are always smart, insightful and honest and I’m pleased that he started his blog when he did.

Blog of The Year 2013 Award

3) Compulsiv Flyer: A great OCD blog written by Stephen that often has me laughing out loud with his honest portrayal of OCD. My only complaint? I wish he would write posts more often!

4) The Reluctant Perfectionist: A blog written by Helen whose OCD has her seeking symmetry and order. It was not an area of OCD that I was familiar with and so I feel like I’ve learnt something through reading it. Her latest blog post about who else in our street may have OCD is one of my favourite posts.

5) The Bluebird and the Robin: Imogen writes thoughtful, honest and educational accounts of her experiences with anxiety. I’m always pleased when I see she’s posted a new one as I can really relate to her experiences with anxiety.

6) Ellen’s OCD Blog: Ellen writes a brilliant blog from the perspective of a teenager with OCD. As I suffered with it when I was her age I like reading her insights and thoughts on it!

There you have it, my awards for the year. Happy blogging and happy reading.

Emily x